Rules michigan youth basketball tournaments boys girls

Please provide this to your parents to complete.

This roster & waiver form is good from August 31st, 2023 - August 30th, 2024.

Please provide this to your parents to complete prior to competing. This roster & waiver form is good from November 5th, 2022, to August 13th, 2023 - 3vs3 - Legacy Basketball Roster Form 22 - 23 (

Please note that inappropriate language and/or behavior directed at players or officials will not be tolerated. Only one warning will be given. If the incident reoccurs, the adult involved will be asked to leave.

  1. Players may appear on only one team roster for each tournament. Players will be disqualified from the event if it is discovered their playing for more than one team.
Coaches and Scorekeeper
·        Each team is allowed 1 coach and 1 scorekeeper. Scorekeepers will be asked to help track team fouls, manage the clock, and track the score. Wristbands for coaches and scorekeepers can be picked up at the admissions kiosk.

  1. Both teams will warm-up at the same time prior to the start of the game.
  2. A coin flip shall determine which team gets the first possession. The team that wins the coin flip will start the game with the ball. If there is an overtime, there will be another coin flip.

Game Ball
1.    Teams must bring their own basketball.
2.    Boy’s teams grades 3rd – 6th will play with a 28.5 ball.  

  1. One official will be on each court.
  2. Disputes or questions on interpretation are settled by the official on the court.

  1. A game may start with a minimum of two players.
  2. Player substitution is permitted during any dead ball situation. Players must “check-in” at the scorer’s table prior to entering the game. In case of obvious injury, injured player must sit out at least until the next dead ball.

  1. A field goal inside the “arc” is worth 1 point.
  2. A successful goal from beyond the 3-point line “arc” is worth 2 points.
  3. To win the game under the 25-minute time limit, teams must score 21 (win by 2).
  4. All games will have a 25-minute time limit. The Official Time will be under the jurisdiction of the Game Official. (The Official Time will be stopped only during timeouts – regular and/or injury.)
  5. The team leading at the end of the 25-minute time limit will be declared the winner.
  6. If the game is tied after 25 minutes of play and no team has reached the required number of points to win the game, the Game Official will flip a coin to determine team possession. The first team to score TWO (2) points will win the game.

1.    Each team is allowed one (1) one minute time-out per game.
  1. If play is stopped by a teammate or the Official to attend to an obvious injury, then the injured player must sit out at least until the next dead ball.

In any free throw situation, (including technical fouls), the designated shooter may at his or her option choose to shoot from the free-throw line (15 ft.) for one (1) point, or from behind the 2-point line for 2 points. In either case, the player shooting must have both feet completely behind the line when initiating and completing the attempt. If the 2-point shot is chosen, the non-shooting team will be awarded possession on the ensuing throw-in regardless of whether the shot is successful or not (Exception: technical fouls).
  1. All Shooting fouls will be handled in the following manner:
·        When the basket is made – whether the ensuing free throw is made or missed, possession goes to the defensive team.
·        When the basket is missed – if free throw is made, possession goes to the defensive team. If the free throw is missed, the offensive team retains possession (unless a 2-point shot is taken, ball goes to defense).
One (1) free throw will be awarded to the fouled player, even if fouled in the act of attempting a shot from behind the 2-point line.
  1. Non-shooting fouls – on and after the 7th team foul – will be handled in the following manner:
·        If the free throw is made, possession goes to the defensive team.
·        If the free throw is missed, the offensive team retains possession (unless a 2-point shot is taken, ball goes to defense).
·        If a foul is committed as time runs out, a free throw will be awarded to the fouled player.
·        Unsportsmanlike and disqualifying fouls are counted as 2 fouls for team fouls purposes. The first unsportsmanlike foul of a player shall be penalized with 2 free throws, but no ball possession. All disqualifying fouls (including the second unsportsmanlike of a player) shall be penalized with 2 free throws and ball possession but shall not be applied to technical fouls.
·        All technical fouls shall be always penalized with 1 free throw. The free throw shall be administered immediately. After the free throw, the check-ball shall be administered by the team which had control of the ball or was entitled to the ball when the technical foul was called.
The Game Official may assess a Technical Foul for any misconduct, flagrant, or intentional fouls committed by a player(s). This may include:
  1. A Contact Foul intended to hurt an opponent, fan, or Game Official.
  2. Vulgar or verbally abusive behavior.
  3. Other misconduct deemed inappropriate by the Game Official (e.g., intentionally kicking the ball, etc....).
  4. A contact foul designed to neutralize an opponent’s obvious advantageous position.
  5. Fighting and/or ‘Throwing a Punch’ automatically results in a Technical Foul assessed against the players(s) involved. Free Throws will be awarded as described above and will result in immediate dismissal of the player(s) from the tournament.
6.    A Technical Foul will be counted as a Team Foul.
  1. Continuous misconduct, intentional and or flagrant fouling by a team or player may result in dismissal from the game or tournament at the discretion of the Game Official or other Tournament Official.

How the Ball is played
  1. All jump balls go to the defensive team.
  2. The ball must be “taken back” to the marked line on the court on every change of possession. “Taking back” means both feet and the ball behind the take back line (3-point line or “arc”). Violation occurs only if a basket is made by the team failing to properly “take it back” and will result in loss of point scored and possession of the ball will go to the other team. If the ball is not “taken back” and then advanced, any other violation, common foul, offensive foul, intentional, flagrant, or technical foul called by the official will be honored. Exception: If a player is fouled in the act of shooting and makes the basket prior to properly “taking it back”, the foul will be honored; however, no points will be awarded.
  3. After all successful shots, the ball must be checked by the defense and passed in by the offense to start play.
Following each successful field goal or last free throw (except those followed by ball possession):
·        A player from a non-scoring team shall resume the game taking the ball to the top of the arc and approximately 6 to 10 feet from the arc line and checking it with a defensive player. The ball can be played immediately after being “checked”. The defender must give the offensive player 6 feet after it’s been checked.
·        The defensive player is allowed to play for the ball inside the 3-point line “arc” while the offensive player is taking it back.
·        Following each unsuccessful field goal or last free throw (except those followed by ball possession): If the offensive player rebounds the ball, he may continue to attempt to score without returning the ball behind the arc. If the defensive player rebounds the ball, he must return the ball behind the arc (by passing or dribbling).
·        If the defensive team steals or blocks the ball, it must return the ball behind the arc (by passing or dribbling).
·        Possession of the ball given to either team following any dead ball situation shall start/resume with a check ball, i.e. an exchange of the ball (between the defensive and the offensive player) behind the arc at the top of the playing court. The ball must be passed in to start play.
·        A player is considered not to be “behind the arc” when neither of his feet is inside or on the arc line.
·        In the event of a jump ball situation, the game shall be resumed with a check-ball for the last defensive team.
·        An offensive player, after the ball has been cleared, shall not hold the ball and/or dribble inside the arc with his back or side to the basket for more than 5 consecutive seconds. Note: The officials shall give the offensive team an information on the remaining second by counting them loudly and signaling them with an extended arm.

1.    The black half court line is out of bounds for both courts. The black sideline and baseline lines are the other 3 boundary lines.

Seeding Criteria
1.    Win/Lose
2.    Head to Head
3.    Point Differential
4.    Points Allowed (Max 15 +/-)

Legacy Basketball Event Running Clock Rules 

Legacy Basketball Event staff has the ability to make any rule, roster, and scheduling adjustments at any time for the betterment of the event. 

Each team will be given 3 wristbands to get in (2 coaches and a scorekeeper).  Those coaches will check in each weekend and get a wristband. No exceptions. Coaches need to register their staff on Exposure to be considered on the roster. 

All NFHS Basketball Rules apply except the following modifications. 

Running Clock Events: 

All GRADES/DIVISIONS - 20-minute running clock halves / The clock only stops in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half. 

Rule Modification:

6 Fouls for an individual to foul out. 

The bonus will start at the 7th team foul. At 7 fouls or more in a half will result in 2 free shots. There will not be any 1 & 1 scenarios. 

No pressing or trapping when you are up 25 points (3rd - 8th grade).

Game time is forfeit time depending on the situation. The Event Director will make the decision. 

Each team must provide one ADULT to serve as scorer/timer.

3 timeouts (Two 30 seconds, 1 Full) per game (One additional timeout (30 seconds) in 1st overtime only; unused timeouts do not carry over into overtime)

1st Overtime is 2 minutes (stop clock the last 30 seconds); any additional overtime will be sudden death first to score a single point. 

Intentional, Flagrant, & Technical Fouls will be 2 points plus the ball (no shots).

Any coach or player who is ejected from a game must self-report (officials must report the ejection following the game) the ejection and can not participate in the following game. 

Boys teams 3rd- 6th grade will use a 28.5 basketball. Boys teams in 7th - 12th grade will use a  men’s ball. 

Playoff seeds will be determined by the following criteria:

1. Overall best record.
2. Head to head record.
3. Point Differential. Max of 15 points. 
4. Least amount of points allowed. 
5. Coin Flip.

Additional Event Rules & Policies:

Pregame warm up should be at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the game.

Half - time is 2 minutes. 

Team managers/coaches should have copies of birth certificates and player report cards available.

Players from the same club may participate with two teams from the same club and only as long as it’s in the same division (ex: 6th Division 1 and then plays 7th Division 1) because of low player numbers and only if there is approval from the event director. These players must be present for the start of the game. 

Any player who needs to play down an age division because of skill level must be approved by the event director prior to the event. 

Contesting an age of a player will require a $200 payment prior to event management investigating the claim. If the contest is upheld, the $200 payment will be returned. If the contest fails, the event will keep the $200 payment. 

Spectators must remain off the area of play during competition.  Any spectator that steps onto the area of play during the course of  competition will be asked to leave the facility.   Disregard of this policy may also lead to forfeiture of the team.

Any questions please direct questions to Rockey Black: 734-334-6972