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Mother's Day Classic

Mother's Day Classic

May 18, 2023 - May 19, 2023
Brighton (MI)  Brighton (MI) 
Boys & Girls


Mother's Day Classic

Live streamed games with LiveBarn!

Athletic Trainer on site

Trophies & Medals for 1st and 2nd place finishers

Running clock event

Saturday pool play / Sunday bracket play

Boys & Girls: 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd

Division 1 (A skill level) - Division 2 (B & C skill level) - Multiple Divisions (If the number of teams allows)

Cost - 3 or more teams $300 - 1 or 2 teams $350

3 games guaranteed

Admission: - Saturday- Adults $15 - Seniors (65 or older) $10 - Students $5 - Children 8 and under are free

* Sunday - Adults $10 - Students $5 - Children 8 and under are free

Each team is given three (3) complimentary entries for coaching staff and scorekeepers. Wristbands need to be worn for the duration of the event. Admission WILL NOT BE allowed without a wristband. 

Rockey Black - rblack@legacycentermichigan.com / 734-334-6972

Tyrone Hicks - thicks@legacycentermichigan.com / 734-747-1232

Scheduling and Admin: Dan Nealy - dnealy@legacycentermichigan.com / 517-937-9408

Sportsmanship from parents, coaches, and players is expected. 


The Legacy Center basketball arena will feature 8 hardwood floors, quality officials, and expansive seating for fans. Awards will be given to first and second-place teams. 

Roster & Waiver Form - Please have your parents fill out the Roster & Waiver form. This is good from October 30th, 2022 - August 31st, 2023.

Legacy Basketball Roster Form 22 - 23 (google.com)


Legacy Center Sports Complex (1-8)

9299 Goble Drive, Brighton, Michigan 48116
Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4, Court 5, Court 6, Court 7, Court 8

Boys 3rd/9U
Born2Ball 2-3rd/9U
Legacy Coach Behrend 3rd/9U
Boys 4th/10U
Her and the Fellas 3-4th/10U
HL Bobcats 3-4th/10U
Legacy Coach Richardson 4th/10U
O3 4th/10U
Boys 5th/11U
Elite Sports Monsters 5th/11U
HYPE 5th/11U
Legacy Coach Watterson 5th/11U
MI Triple THreat 5th/11U
O3 Talton 5th/11U
REAL 5th/11U
Boys 6th/12U
E.A.T. Athletics 6th/12U
Hype Elite Jarett 6th/12U
MI Triple Threat Mills 6th/12U
O3 6th/12U
REAL 6th/12U
Real Blue 6th/12U
Boys 7th/13U
Legacy Coach Cavanaugh 7th/13U
MI Triple Threat 7th/13U
NEO Fury 7th/13U
O3 7th/13U
OFF THE BENCH - White 7th/13U
REAL 7th/13U
Real Blue 7th/13U
Boys 8th/14U
Common Bond - Triggs 8th/14U
Greg Grant 2027 Newsome 8th/14U
Legacy Coach Byrd 8th/14U
Michigan Full Package Fire 8th/14U
OFF THE BENCH - Blue 8th/14U
OFF THE BENCH - Red 8th/14U
Ohio Xtreme 8th/14U
Quest 8th/14U
REAL 8th/14U
Real Blue 8th/14U
Rising Sunz 8th/14U
The Academy 2027 8th/14U
Boys 9th/15U
Ballers Elite 9th/15U
Legacy Coach Langenderfer 9th/15U
LPA Pirates 9th/15U
Michigan Warriors 9th/15U
MI Triple Threat Portland 9th/15U
Parallel 45 9th/15U
REAL 9th/15U
The Academy 9th/15U
Boys 10th/16U
Greg Grant 2025 10th/16U
Legacy Coach Richards 10th/16U
Michigan United - West 10th/16U
Michigan Warriors 10th/16U
OFF THE BENCH - Green 9-10th/16U
Boys 11th/17U
Flint Affiliation 10-11th/17U
GGBC 11th/17U
Great Lakes 11th/17U
MI Triple Threat 10-11th/17U
Oakland 3D 10-11th/17U
Portland 10-11th/17U
REAL 10-11th/17U
Girls 3rd/9U
LevelUp 9U 3rd/9U
Girls 4th/10U
Michigan Premier Taylor 4th/10U
MI Triple Threat 4th/10U
Girls 6th/12U
Born2Ball 5-6th/12U
Michigan Flight Godair 6th/12U
REAL 6th/12U
Girls 8th/14U
Ballers Elite 8th/14U
Born2Ball 7-8th/14U
Flight Phelps 8th/14U